STUNT PUPPY Float Doggy Life Jacket - MANGO
STUNT PUPPY Float Doggy Life Jacket - MANGO
STUNT PUPPY Float Doggy Life Jacket - MANGO
STUNT PUPPY Float Doggy Life Jacket - MANGO
STUNT PUPPY Float Doggy Life Jacket - MANGO

STUNT PUPPY Float Doggy Life Jacket - MANGO

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Inspired by our own kayaking and wakeboarding vests our dog life jacket uses a unique and patented enclosed design that wraps your dog in an ergonomic, balanced, comfortable and secure flotation jacket.

We take our life jackets seriously because they save dog's lives. We're not trying to be dramatic, but not all dog life jackets are created the same way. 

Watch our 2-minute video demonstrating the Float Doggy in action!

Two things make it totally different to other dog life jackets:

The Fully Enclosed Harness

  • The only dog life jacket that is enclosed between the front legs - others are open between the front legs
  • Enclosed is better for buoyancy, security and comfort, particularly when being lifted flotation in the under-chest panel supports the heavier shoulder area and helps keep the head higher in the water
  • Attaching the handle to the full harness supports the dog fully, secures them firmly and eases pressure on soft issue

Curved and Articulated Panels create a more streamlined fit

  • Every panel on the Float Doggy is curved to mirror the shape of a dog's body
  • Each panel is articulated for flexibility to improve comfort and movement and give streamlined fit
  • Panels use different densities of foam to best balance flotation and reduce bulk
  • Independent front and rear adjustments allow for different body shapes
  • The Float Doggy uses a unique combination of structural design and materials to provide a secure, ergonomic, comfortable fit and balanced flotation.

As with all Stunt Puppy gear, we use the best materials for the job like Cordura® fabrics and Solas® reflective tapes and bar-tack our fastenings for durability and safety.

You'll Dig

  • Harness construction cradles your dog from below as the buoyancy foam lifts them up providing more balanced and comfortable flotation
  • Harness construction secures dogs inside the harness so they cannot wriggle or slip out when being lifted and keeps pressure off soft tissue of throat and belly
  • Floatation between the front legs keeps the front end and head higher in the water without craning the dog's head or putting pressure on the throat
  • Hinged foam segments allow free movement and a better fit
  • Variable density foam complements natural buoyancy
  • Tapered panels give a better fit on a range of doggy shapes
  • Double adjustment straps secure the jacket evenly and firmly on a range of doggy shapes
  • Full-length lifting handle and leash attachment for doggy overboard situations
  • Durable construction using Cordura® Nylon and waterproof reflective tapes
  • No Velcro or awkward fastenings!


Click on the Float Doggy Size Chart

MINI (XXS) 1-2.5kg
Teacups - Yorkie, Chihuahua

XS 3-5kg
Toy Breeds - Poodle, Maltese, Mini Dachshund

SMALL 5-9kg
Small Terriers - Fox, Westie

MEDIUM 9-25kg
Border Collie, Std Schnauzer, Heeler

LARGE 25-55kg
Boxer, Vizsla, Pointer, Labrador, Ridgeback

X-LARGE 55-80kg
Grand Pyrenees, Mastiff, Newfoundland

If you are unsure or confused, contact us at and we'll do our best to help out.  (If you can give us an idea of your dog's size relative to the breeds listed on our sizing chart and an estimation of its weight that is most useful. We have additional information on jacket dimensions we can share with you to help you decide.)



Brilliant lifejacket. My bearded collie x chases everything...motorbikes, weedeaters, cattle etc ...and now, jetskis! I live by Lake Taupo, in New Zealand, and the last couple of times she kept swimming after the jetskis and had to be brought back. The first time, she was picked up 100 metres from shore by a couple on their paddle board. The next time, a lovely blokes swam out to try to turn her around. So, a lifejacket seemed a sensible next step. Maisie is about 30 kg. She has a quite narrow chest shape and stomach area. The large size lifejacket fits her well and is not too bulky.. She is much more visible thanks to the orange material, and she can still run and chase the ball without overheating. In fact I think it helps keep her cool.The handle and lead loop are very useful. I'm really pleased with it.


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