STUNT PUPPY Hands Free Leash

STUNT PUPPY Hands Free Leash

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There is nothing better for the wellbeing of ourselves and our dogs than to move together. Liberate your hands and keep your dog at your side with a hands-free running* leash.

Created specifically for, and loved by, runners this leash is hands-free, stretchy and soft. The flexible connector attaches to an adjustable waist belt and the d-ring slides keeping your running partner in just the right spot.

The 'Stunt Runner' hands free leash is great by anyone who wants a versatile, flexible, comfortable leash and to keep their hands free to wave at passers-by, throw up in despair, fix your hair or simply carry stuff.     

*You don't need to actually 'run' to use a Stunt Runner. Walking hands-free is also totally fine and in the interests of happy knees is fully encouraged.      

You'll Dig

  • 25mm (1") wide webbing is soft and strong
  • Waist belt adjusts 65cm-105cm (26"-42")
  • Stretch leash section 85cm-125cm (35"-51")
  • Adjustable static section gives further adjustment for running beside, behind or out in front on the single track
  • Floating D-Ring on the waistband keeps your running partner in just the right place
  • Stunt Puppy Alpha™ hardware is super lightweight, incredibly strong and easy for human hands, even in gloves!
  • Our friends at Stunt Puppy make a point that no leash is intended for tie-out 

Wear It

  • On the road, the track, the trail and with your favourite running shoes
  • A great training aid when playing follow me with your pup


  • 1 inch soft-touch tubular webbing 
  • Duraflex Rock Lockster buckle for waist attachment 
  • Stunt Puppy Alpha™ anodised aluminium hardware 


Email us at We have regular shipments on orders with suppliers and we can pre-order something specific for you.

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