STUNT PUPPY Stink Proof Collar - Pink
STUNT PUPPY Stink Proof Collar - Orange
STUNT PUPPY Stink Proof Collar - Red
STUNT PUPPY Stink Proof Collar - Royal Blue
STUNT PUPPY Stink Proof Collar - Teal
STUNT PUPPY Stink Proof Collar - Black

STUNT PUPPY Dry Collars (6 colours available)

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The Stunt Puppy Dry Collar™ sets the standard for hunting, field and water dogs and are perfect for house dogs who indulge their more primal selves with a dabble in the occasional puddle, lake, pond or dirty creek.

And as if it couldn't get any better, the flexibility in cold weather of this lightweight, durable collar makes light of the stuff your dog likes to cover it in.   

Why Do Dog Collars Get Stinky?

Dog collars are essentially petrie dishes and that funky odour is actually a mix of things not the least of which is whiffy bacteria. By blocking the absorption of moisture the Biothane® material starves the bacteria of an essential of life so they don't set up camp in your dog's collar.       

You'll Dig

  • Biothane® webbing resists water, dirt, fur, coat oils and the odours that accompany them
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria - the main cause of collar stink 
  • Remains soft and pliable across a range of conditions
  • Is also excellent for dogs with fine skin or coats that may be irritated by traditional webbing 
  • Best in class Duraflex Wienerlock buckles
  • Stunt Puppy's own Alpha hardware made from anodised aluminium is super-light, exceptionally strong and resists corrosion 
  • Two metal rings - one fixed for tags and the other ‘floating’ for the lead. This minimises jingling and tangling of tags and lead attachments 
  • The floating d-ring lets you choose the best position for easy lead attachment
  • Our friends at Stunt Puppy make a point that no collar is intended for tie-out. 

Wear It

  • If you like the water,  dust, dirt or are prone to bringing unwanted things into the car or the living room
  • If you like water, dust, dirt, debris and darkness, try the reflective Go-Dog-Glo editions available at our webstore. 


  • Regular size made from 25mm webbing adjusts to fit necks from 35 - 53cm (14 - 21")
  • Small size is made from narrower 20mm webbing and adjusts 30 - 41cm (12 - 16") 


  • Biothane Coated Webbing is in compliance with FDA skin-sensitivity requirements.
  • Duraflex Wienerlock buckle 
  • Metal D-Ring powder coated in black 

Want Reflective Too? 

New reflective editions add a be-safe-be-seen safety element to our favourite outdoor collar. These are available in more reflective colour-ways and both small and regular sizes. 

*Important Information On All Collars and Leashes in the Stunt Puppy Range 

The team at Stunt Puppy are keen to point out that their leashes and collars are not intended for tie out. As a safety measure their buckles are designed to break when twisted and under extreme stress - such as a dog being strangled or hung from a collar as may happen when tied out - to avoid risks of strangulation, throat and nerve damage.   


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